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You gotta believe in something or someone.  These are the causes we support.  We have vetted, followed them and seen the work.  These are the real deal!

Charity One - Sweet Relief 

Founded by  Singer-Songwriter Victoria Williams, Sweet Relief Mental Health Fund provides financial assistance to all types of career musicians and music industry workers who are struggling to make ends meet while facing mental health issues, disability, or age-related problems. 

Charity Two -  Santé D’Or Foundation

Santé D’Or Foundation

is a no-kill animal adoption center serving the Los Angeles community, predominantly staffed by volunteers.   This is where we adopted our dog Luka! Though primarily a Cat rescue they occasionally have dogs that need homes.  There he was, poor Luka surrounded by all these cats.  We had to get him out of there!   (Kidding, we love cats, and I know of 3 kittens that are adorable beyond belief and need homes.)


Donate whatever you can to

Mission Statement

To provide a No-Kill shelter and compassionate care for homeless cats in Tucson, to find loving permanent homes for these cats, to promote Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) for feral cats, and to educate the public regarding spay/neuter and responsible pet ownership.


Our Goals

Giving Shelter:  Pawsitively Cats housing accommodates three separate groups:  cats available for adoption, feral or other non-social cats, and leukemia positive cats.

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